Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Super light extreme

One of the lightest and very ridgid all carbon fiber water fed poles on the market has been improved. The new Super Light Extreme pole will soon hit the market for only 2995.00 If you want one I highly suggest that you pre order your pole now. This 48 foot water fed pole will fly out the door, so do not be left holding the bag and order yours today.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unger water fed pole blowout

Have you been thinking about buying a water fed pole? Do you need a second pole to have two men working? Never before have I seen prices like this on Unger poles. Get yours today while the supplies last

Monday, April 25, 2011

Water fed pole work tips

After working with a wfp for the last two days I have some interesting observations. On this job there were windows at 6 ft all the way to 50 ft. I noticed that I could clean the windows at 6 ft twice as fast as the windows at 50 ft. The reason for the difference in speed was all about balance. You can make much bigger and faster moves with the pole at 6 ft than 50ft. This is good to know when pricing a job. You can figure about 1/3 the time in distance between 6ft and 50 ft. Another thing I observed is fatigue level. Night and day difference in the low and high windows. I was working with a 12 lb pole at 50 ft and switching to first floor windows was like taking a break. Because I was working by myself I did bite size sections of the building to allow myself rest on the lower windows. I also learned that the Aqua Adapter does not work very good at 50 ft. To much distance to get a good pull with the hose. The hose strches to much at this lenght Another observation is the leg method is best when working with a water fed pole up high. Use your leg mussels not your arms. Still not sure what to do about the lower back mussel. It takes lots of strain. I will be trying out a back brace to see if this helps.

Just a few observations that may help you.